Auto Table assembly instructions 电动麻将安装使用说明

If your table was PURCHASED FROM AMAZON,please check this instruction video before your assembly . 如果您的桌子是在亚马逊购买的,请务必在安装前先看这个操作视频。



简易四腿桌款安装视频/Simple 4-legs Model Assemble Procedure


使用指导 User guides
USAMJTABLE (Video#1) How to set a code for Mahjong Table 如何为电动麻将桌在加載麻將牌之前設置代碼


USAMJTABLE(Video#2) How to load Mahjong Tile into an Automatic Mahjong Table 如何將麻將牌加載到自動麻將桌中

USAMJTABLE(VIDEO#3) How does the control panel work for the Automatic- Mahjong Table控制板及其按钮功能介绍

USAMJTABLE(VIDEO#4) Frequently Question solution About Mahjong Table 麻将桌状况排除.