USAMJTABLE ❘ Frequently Asked Questions

How to change playing mode (#/tiles)?


How to put 2 set of mahjong tiles into machine  first time you play?




What are the difference among 28mm 36mm 40mm and 44mm mahjong tiles? Which one I should choose? Could I use other size tiles for my 44mm tiles mahjong table?

麻将牌28mm,36mm,40mm 和 44mm 尺寸有什么区别?我应该选哪个尺寸?我买的44mm牌的麻将桌,可以放其他size的麻将牌吗?

    Switch light is off and the machine didn't work.



    • Check the power supply
    • Check if the cable loose 
    •  Check if the the connection is bad, fuse links
    • The switch might be broken 
    • Check if the transformer haven't power


      操作盘上面指示灯亮,按升降键操作盘不动 / 机器工作时,按升降按钮操作盘不动


      • 首先试试将轨道里的牌全部取出,关机重新开机;   
      • 操作盘面板下面插头松脱,接触不良;   
      • 检查操作盘与主板插头是否松动;    
      • 检查升降电机与螺丝、光控、开关的情况;  
      • 检查线路是否磨损。  


        Need to add the missing tiles into the working machine



        • Hold and press both lifting keys for 3-5 seconds, and then put the tiles


          Ugh, the tiles seem to stuck inside the table. What should I do?


          • Turn off table power, remove the frame, sheet panel and all related covers to unveil the tile track. 
          • Look for the stuff that causes stuck and remove it. 
          • A kindly reminder: please do not throw anything other than tiles in the table. Things like chip, coin and others will stuck the table.


            How to remove the extra dice?


            Use a screwdriver to pry all of the rabbet of the glass lid up gently, take up the cover and take out the dice what you want, then you can put the glass cover away.






            or pry the black frame up gently and take up the glass cover and take out the dice what you want, then you can put the glass cover and frame away.


            Why should I buy from you and not directly from China or a local distributor of Chinese Tables? 

            Every week we get calls from people who purchased directly from China or local USA resellers of cheap Automatic Mahjong Tables and need help because their Automatic Mahjong Table does not work. Many even tell us of how they lost their money once they purchased an Automatic Mahjong Table using western union. Once they pay they never hear from the seller again.

            When you ship a single machine directly from China to the USA, chances are that it will be transferred over and over. This will increase the chances of it being thrown around and mishandled. That is why our parts are transported in a full container directly to our Tampa facility. Furthermore, many of the Automatic Mahjong Tables shipped to the USA are refurbished tables. Many are purchased by smaller companies in China and refurbished then shipped to the USA.

            Before importing or buying from a local distributor, you should consider how will they handle the warranty? Who would you call for help? How can they provide parts if needed? or help you should the Automatic Mahjong Table does not work? Do they have the technical knowledge? What about the language barriers? When you consider the hidden cost of shipping, customs clearance, taxes and local delivery, many Automatic Mahjong Tables cost the same as ours or even more. And let’s not forget the warranty.

            A prudent decision would be to buy in the USA and buy an American brand and save yourself the headache and enjoy a quality product. Buying from us will allow you to spend worry free quality time with friends and family knowing help if needed is just a phone call away.